Bear Archery Kodiak Hunter Recurve Bow


The Kodiak Hunter Recurve Bow provides a smooth draw and incredible speeds, enhancing the shootability, with blistering performance. The Kodiak Hunter features a 60″ AMO designed for hunters that want a longer AMO than that the Kodiak Mag. The Kodiak Hunter is crafted with a shedua riser, black stripe, and sensational grey glass limbs. The Kodiak Hunter joins the growing family of Kodiak models next to the Super Kodiak, Kodiak Mag, and iconic 59 Kodiak.


-Enhanced shootability
-Superior build quality
-Cut-on center arrow shelf with leather side plate and bear hair arrow rest
-Dynaflight 97 flemish twist string
-Layered limb tips handcrafted and layered with fiberglass
-Shedua riser
-Smooth draw and incredible speeds

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Product Information

  • Length: 60 Inches
  • Hand: Right
  • Draw Weight:40 Pound
  • String: Dynaflight 97
  • Limb Material:Fiberglass


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