CrossTac RECON Shooting Mat Long with Padding Cordura Multicam/Multicam Arid


If you subscribe to the “lighter is better” philosophy, Crosstac’s Recon Shooting Mat is exactly what you need. With A-TACS on side and Multicam, you can blend in effectively almost anywhere on the North American continent. Additionally, the built-in bipod rail on both sides provides greater stability and shooting accuracy. It’s essentially two mats in one!

The fabric used is 500 Denier which is water resistant and urethan coated on the inside. The padded version features a sewn in layer of premium foam, closed-cell which keep water from absorbing. The added 1/8″ of thickness gives just enough protection and insulation from the elements.


Perfect for mobile applications
Dual layers of 500-Denier Cordura
Polyurethane coated inside for water resistance, repellant on outside
Panel stitching to prevent fabric movement
Sewn in Bipod Rails on both sides
Grommets to pin to tie down
1/8″ Thick Padding

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