Field Tuff Planter


Efficiently and effectively plant corn and beans with Field Tuff’s Corn and Bean Planter. This planter is especially designed for small food plots, hobby farms, large gardens, and small acreages and is made of a durable construction. This planter has an adjustable row width of 14” – 36.6,” allowing you to adjust the planter to fit your specific needs. Each hopper holds .22 bushels, or 15lbs, and measures 12” x 6” at the top, 10” x 2” at the bottom, and is 8” deep. This ground driven planter can even be adjusted according to the different size of seeds being used in the planter. In addition, the user can also adjust the depth of the planter with the adjustable depth control. Adding yet another great feature to this planter is the manual lifting mechanism, which allows the user to easily raise and lower the planter. The planter also has pneumatic tires that allow you to take this planter on a wide variety of tough terrains. The planter features adjustable seed rate drop. Pull this planter behind your ATV, UTV, or utility tractor for easy planting.


Versatile with adjustable seed slots to adjust the opening to fit your needs
Tow-behind ATV seeder
Keeps seed dry with included lid
Pneumatic tires to travel over various terrains
Does NOT include Fertilizer boxes
8-Row Planter Includes a drag mat
1 year limited manufacturer’s parts warranty

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