Hatsan TactAir 3 Stage Hand Pump PCP Air Guns


The Hatsan TacAir 3 Stage Hand Pump is an outstanding option for use with PCP Air Guns. The inline moisture filter protects your equipment from moisture and comes with spare filter elements for quick replacement while at the range. The microbore fill hose reduces wasted pumping effort to ensure you get out what you put in, while an angled fitting prevents base kinks and metal winding along the entire hose ensure protection. The TacAir 3 Stage Hand Pump is rated for 3600 PSI, features a hose hanger which is convenient and keeps the nozzle end clean, folding base plates for compact storage, and a precision gauge for closely monitoring pressure output, and color coding for quick reference.

Kit Includes

  • Hatsan fill probe adapter
  • Replacement filters full service rebuild kit
  • Additional service o-rings
  • Test Plug


Fits countless PCP Airguns including Hatsan Sortie Tact Air, Galatian Tact Auto, Tact QE, BT65, and many more!

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  • Three stage air pump
  • Inline Moisture Filter
  • Color Pressure Gauge
  • Quick Disconnect & Hatsan Probe Adapter
  • Micro-bore Hose
  • Quick Release hose hanger
  • Large rubber foot pads
  • Soft rubber handles
  • 3600 PSI


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