M+M Industries M10X-Z-SH Semi-Automatic Centerfire Rifle


The M+M Industries M10X-Z-SH was born out of M+M’s decision to examine the best engineered and battle-proven rifles from around the world. M+M took apart rifles and determined which parts of different weapon systems were necessary and which were not essential for function. From all of these parts, M+M built a rifle without all of the non-essential bolts, pins, springs, plates, and made a tool that helps to effectively and efficiently defend the family. The M10X offers serious shooters unprecedented accuracy, reliability, component interchangeability, and enduring value.

Category: Product ID: 1924


Product Information

  • Cartridge : 7.62x39mm
  • Capacity :30 Round
  • Weight :7.75 Pound
  • Overall Length :37 Inches
  • Barrel Length:16.5 Inches
  • Twist :5/8″-24
  • Hand :Right


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