Primos Double Bull Surroundview Double Wide Ground Blind Truth Camo


The Original Blind Without a Blind Spot is back and wide open with the Double Bull SurroundView Double Wide Ground Blind. It’s loaded with all the features hunters want most! First, the Double Wide gives you 300° of one-way see-through viewing. Second, the Double Wide door gives you more room to get in and out even with your backpack and thickest winter gear. Just pull the strap for easy and silent entry, then clip the door to shut it. And you’ll love the built-in sun visor to maintain maximum vision when the sun is at its lowest at sunrise or sunset. Go wide or go home with the SurroundView Double Wide.


300 degrees of SurroundView one-way see-through viewing capability
Sun Visor for maximum vision when sun is low at sunrise or sunset
Double Wide Door for silent entry and exit
180 degree full front window with silent slide window closures
Limited lifetime warranty

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