Silicone-Treated Pistol Case


The MidwayUSA Silicone-Treated Pistol Gun Case is a great way to store and transport your pistol. This soft pistol case takes up less room than a hard plastic case, helps avoid the small nicks and scratches caused during safe removal while also keeping your firearm protected from corrosion. The silicone treated, 430 GSM Sherpa fleece, 100% polyester material is safe for wood, metal, plastics, and will not hold moisture, which makes this pistol gun case ideal for travel in different climates and year-round storage. Use this silicone-treated case to protect jewelry, knives, and other precious items too. This MidwayUSA Silicone-Treated Pistol Gun Case protects pistols and revolvers, has a compact design, features a hook and loop fastener and the MidwayUSA logo.

Common Fit:

5.5″ Case: Pocket Pistols
9″ Case: Revolver and Small Autos with 2″ barrels
11″ Case: Revolvers with 4″ Barrels, Large Autos with 5″ Barrels
13″ Case: Revolvers with 6″ Barrels
15″ Case: Revolvers with 8″ to 10″ Barrels


Silicone-treated fabric protects finish from moisture
Protects firearms and other valuables
Hook and loop fastener
MidwayUSA logo
Compact design for easy storage

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