Silicone-Treated Pistol Gun Sock


The MidwayUSA Gun Sock is a silicone-treated polyester sock that stretches over the length of a pistol or revolver for a form-fitting solution for protecting your firearms from scratches, scuffs, and corrosion when not in use or while traveling when placed inside a range bag or hard case. The silicone treated polyester will not hold moisture making it ideal for travel in different climates as well as year-round storage. Don’t risk rust and tarnish forming on your valuable guns, pick up a MidwayUSA Silicone Impregnated Gun Sock for each of your firearms today. Features the MidwayUSA logo.


Silicone-Treated fabric protects finish from moisture
Elastic Fabric stretches to fit nearly any pistol shape
Hook and loop closure ensures pistol is secured in case

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