Texas Hunter Trophy Box Blind


The Texas Hunter Trophy line consists of hunting blinds with floorplans that measure 4 feet by 4 feet or 4 feet by 8 feet, which provide sufficient room for one to 3 full-size adults. Texas Hunter offers a model with ground legs with a shooting / eye-level of approximately 5 feet. You’ll also find elevated blinds with a choice of a 4 Foot or 8 foot tower and a shooting level of 8 feet and 12 feet, respectively.

Hunting blinds must withstand many hours of continuous use, often in snowy, rainy or windy conditions. The quality of their material can have a significant impact on your comfort during a long day in the field. If you choose blinds made from fiberglass or flimsy fabric, you’ll likely have a hard time staying warm and dry. Fiberglass or Fabric blinds also tend to wear out quickly, which means you’ll end up spending more money to replace them.

Texas Hunter Products provides a more reliable and cost-effective alternative to the fabric blinds you’ll find at your local outdoor store. Texas Hunter’s line of Trophy hunting blinds offers a permanent solution that will maximize your comfort and reduce your long-term costs. You can trust them to keep out the elements in all types of weather and environmental conditions as they’re designed for all-weather use. What’s more, they’re constructed for extended use — there’s no need to replace them.


Starboard XL Siding Door featuring one of the most durable materials ever developed for outdoor use — it’s even stronger than fiberglass and has performed well in shotgun, freeze, heat and impact testing.
Hide-A-Way Windows that provide excellent concealment, ventilation and protection against sunlight.
One-piece galvanized roof that keeps the elements out and enhances the blind’s durability.
Shooting ports on all four sides enable 360-degree visibility.
Elevated models have a powder-coated steel tower that resists corrosion and a ladder for easy access.
Lightweight construction enables portability — you can easily transport your blind to and from the field.
Headroom of 6 feet 3 inches allows taller hunters to stand and stretch.

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