Texas Hunter Wrangler Rifle 5′ x 7′ Box Blind True Timber Camo


Proper concealment is essential in any successful hunting endeavor. With the Texas Hunter Wrangler Blinds you can hut longer, stay hidden, and better your chance of success. This durable, reliable hunting blind, will allow you to keep out of sight and become part of the surrounding landscape. It will also enhance your comfort as you wait for the next opportunity.

The exclusive Hide-A-Way Camo Hunting Blinds from Texas Hunter Products can help you remain undetected while you’re in the field. These top-of-the-line deer hunting blinds feature carpeted ceiling and walls, providing a sound and thermal insulation factor. The Hide-A-Way window system, a Texas Hunter exclusive, features a dual-track design on each window frame that enables the see-through dark concealment panels to move past each other. You can remove the panels from the inside or outside the blind and position them to provide the desired opening – while concealing movement inside the blind

Hunting Blinds must withstand the impact of rain, snow, wind and cold weather. The Wrangler deer blinds consist of a 20-Gauge Aluminum TrueTimber Camo exterior and rigid steel frame construction with fully carpeted walls and ceiling. The windows feature double-strength marine glass with an aluminum frame. Your Texas Hunter hunting blind will provide many years of reliable use in even the most challenging climatic and environmental conditions.


The unique camouflage design pattern found on the hunting blind’s outer surface will help it blend into the scenery and make it more approachable and less threatening to deer.
You can place your rifle in a comfortable position and move it freely to increase shooting accuracy. Holders on each end of the shelf will keep your rifle secure.
Camera mounts: If you use range finders or cameras including the camera on your phone to help you spot deer or capture wildlife images, these mounts will enable you to install them securely with multiple mounting positions.
Cup holders: Each of our blinds includes three cup holders to keep hot coffee or other beverages within reach and eliminate concerns about spilling.
You can get in and out of your blind with ease, and lock it to provide additional security. The door also has a weatherproof seal to help you and your gear stay comfortable and dry.
Texas Hunter blinds have roofs made of galvanized steel that won’t leak or rust and provide excellent protection against the elements.
Texas Hunter’s elevated, insulated hunting blinds include powder-coated steel staircases will handrails.
The windows in our Hide-A-Way Window System open and close without making noise that can startle the wildlife.
The flooring in Texas Hunter Camo hunting blinds consists of a high-strength marine-grade composite material that protects against mold, mildew, rot and insect damage.

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