Trophy Taker SmackDown Pro Drop-Away Arrow Rest


Limb driven arrow rests provide longer arrow support for easier tuning and better down range accuracy from today’s high performance bows. The Smackdown Pro from Trophy Taker gives you all of the durability and features Trophy Taker is known for in a limb driven model. By attaching the drive cable to the bottom limb or the upward cable you allow the rest to be in the up position for much longer during both the draw cycle and the shot. The result is increased arrow support resulting in less tuning issues while maintaining arrow clearance. Put the Smackdown on your trophy this season with the Smackdown Pro from Trophy Taker.


-Activation cord connects to the lower limb op up cable
-No cable tension at full draw
-Increased arrow support time results in easier tuning
-Included limb attachment clasp installs quickly and easily
-Launcher pivots on rock solid bearings
-Drop Stop Launcher Silencer included with every rest
-All metal construction
-Lifetime warranty
-right hand
-black color

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