Western Rivers Eichler Electronic Predator Call Single Speaker


The Western Rivers Fred Eichler Predator call offers one of the highest values for your dollar of any caller on the market. It features an intensified volume with high quality realistic sounds for superior sound performance. The ergonomically designed 2.8″ LCD screen remote control allows the user complete control of the call. This high tech remote provides the user with the greatest versatility when choosing animal sounds, patterns and direction. The single speaker provides volume control while the external speaker jack on the side of the unit can be activated for those long-range calls. All speakers will play at the same time if selected. The LCD display on the remote indicates the title of the sound activated, the location of the sound file as well as volume levels, speaker selection and whether the decoy is activated. The LCD display will also indicate the battery level.


Single 4″ reflex horn driver maximum 120db Output 8GB internal memory
Includes a list of Fred’s Favorite sounds
(2) two external jacks to accommodate secondary amplified speaker(s) for virtual surround functionality
Auxiliary output to trigger motorized decoy (sync), in addition to motor sync connector
Sound overlay, allows two sounds to play simultaneously
Configurable preset volume levels for different calls
Sequential call playback to select speakers (when using auxiliary speakers)
Customizable quicksets
2-5 “calls” to play in set
Set random or sequential play with preset spacing distances between “calls” of 5 sec., 10 sec, 20 sec., 30 sec.
2″ dot matrix display
USB Jack
Powered by 8 AA batteries – not included
Remote Features

Four channel long range remote
2.8″ LCD screen
Transmits up to 300 yard range
Complete control of all Call functions
Backlit push buttons

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