Wheeler Delta Series Lower Receiver Magazine Well Vise Block AR-15 Polymer


The wheeler Engineering Delta series magazine well vise block is designed to hold any standard AR-15 lower on your Tipton Best Gun Vise, or directly mounted to a bench. The block uses the magazine catch to secure the lower. The vise block has 180 degrees of rotation in 7 degree increments. There is also a built in hammer stop to protect your lower while adjusting and function testing triggers. The block is constructed of durable, solvent resistant polymer to withstand years of use. The block also features a bolt servicing portion that will lock onto the bolt to remove and replace the extractor pin. The block can also be removed from the base and clamped into a standard bench vise like a traditional block.


This block is designed for general cleaning and general maintenance, it will not work for removing or installing barrels, handguards, or other accessories that require large amounts of torque for proper installation.


Works with AR-15 Lower receivers
Fits Tipton Best Gun Vise
Can be directly mounted to a bench
180 degrees of adjustment
Integrated hammer stop
Extractor pin servicing portion
Durable, solvent resistant polymer

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